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Company news
Today's consumers demand for advertising not only hope to inform information,The entertainment and artistic and requirements,Meet the needs of its aesthetic psychology。In order to effectively attract...
  1. Shanghai advertising company advertising design theme focuses on values
  2. Introduction to the basic element of modern advertising design talents need to be
  3. Postmodern advertising industry development
  4. Shanghai radio and TV station was established“The public media group”
Advertising technology
Use of titanium in advertising lighting engineering,Too fine with stable chemical properties and perfect biocompatibility,In the human body,Give a perfect solution,Give...
  1. ledBuilding lighting project plan book
  2. LedFor the production process
  3. Outdoor advertising6The big advantage and3Big failing

The ultimate union water mark master BBS


        Advertising company is a professional print AD design services。The company was founded in2004Years,Formed by a number of senior graphic designer cooperation,Professional graphic advertisement design、Good at animation、Cartoon image design and film and television lens script writing and drawing。 Over the years,We provide advertising design services for many well-known enterprises。Such as:In the international、Chinese aircraft company、China film and television、STIEE、TOSHIBA、NISSHIN、Standard chartered bank、Mercedes-BenzCompanies such as。

The theoretical knowledge


The theoretical knowledge
The most professional advertising company in Shanghai,Collection of advertising design、Advertising、Planning activities in an integrated advertising company! SEOIn the,The spider,Robot and reptiles...
  1. What is advertisement plan?
  2. The difference between media companies and advertising companies?
  3. Advertising company's rating standard