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   Our factory is located in the north jiangsu lixia river abdomen,Is located in“Land of fish and rice”The reputation of the history of the city——XingHua city。
    To be the standard parts co., LTD is a provincial standard fasteners XingHua joint company appointed key professional in the production of standard fasteners。
    In recent years,In the development of enterprises,Cover an area of an area1.2Million square meters,Have a car、Gen、Drill、Milling、Rushed inside and outside grinder surface treatment equipment, etc50Taiwan(Sets),Engineering and technical personnel10People,The worker100Many people。The company predecessor“Xinghua standard parts factory”Is specializing in the production of all kinds of standard parts and non-standard business,The registered trademark is“Machinery company®”Main production keys、Pin、Bolt washer and so on more than 30 varieties of several specifications of the standard

The latest products

GB5783Hexagon head bolts
GB1096Flat key
GB117Taper pin/GB119The cylindrical pin
GB118Internal thread taper pin
GB120Threaded cylindrical pin

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