Your law firm founded in anhui daysOOOIn march,Existing full-time lawyer22People,Part-time lawyer2People,Trainee solicitor6People,2016Years3Awarded by the all China lawyers association“National excellent law firms”The title of honor,Chizhou is the first justice in anhui province、Anhui law firm lawyers association awarded outstanding brand in anhui province、The first selection in anhui province judicature bureau of the province's comprehensive strength50Strong law firm,The first was lawyers association awarded in anhui province“Anhui province outstanding law firm”The honorary title of the lawyer's office、The first selected intermediaries optional libraries to be included in the anhui province state-owned assets supervision and administration law...[Detailed content]
Chizhou xinmao fine mining technology co., LTD...
Anqing tianrui industrial co., LTD. The second time...
Anhui friendship chongqing steel group co., LTD...
The people's court of the county in anhui public announcement
Chizhou binjiang new building materials co., LTD...
Chizhou binjiang new building materials co., LTD...
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The new law interpretation
The new law interpretation
The new law interpretation
The new law interpretation
The new law interpretation
The new law interpretation
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The new law articles
The new law articles